MJF Ln. A. Srinivasan

Ln. A. Srinivasan, a post graduate in Agriculture had an illustrious academic record, joined Tamilnadu Agricultural University as Lecturer. After serving three years in teaching and research joined in a Nationalised Bank as Agricultural Field Officer. There he woked in various capacities as Faculty Member, Manager, Senior Manager, Deputy Chief Officer etc and finally took voluntary retirement in the year 2009. He entered lionism on the same year and held theportfolios of treasurer, Secretary, President, DCP etc.

He took active interest in establishing the present trust and managing the day to day affairs of the trust as its executive trustee.

At club level presently he is Director – Projects overseeing various projects of the club, District and International President’s programs. He takes active interest in EYE DONATION AND VISION FOR EVERY ONE PROGRAM.

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