PMJF Ln. R. A. S. Mani

PMJF Ln. R. A. S. Mani lives in and breathes lionism even at this ripe age of 96 years, having totally dedicated himself to the movement for the past 39 years. He was so much involved in lionism that he has been contributing LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION year after year and now he is the proud owner of 15 ‘diamonds’, perhaps the only lion in India to have achieved this status.

Ln. Mani started his professional career as a chemist after getting a bachelor degree in chemistry in the High Wxplosion Factory in Pune and served there for four years. Later he joined pharmaceutical industry and served there for three decades in senior management cadre. His smooth entry into lionism kept him not only active but also became a great asset to that movement.

Ln Mani has been assigned the portfolio of DCP – FOUNER’S DAY by successive governors. He has taken it up enthusiastically and doing it very well. He has identified himself with the Founder, that now he has become ‘LIVING MELVIN JONES’.

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